CAT – Community In Action

Inc. Slideshow; Over 60 Hours of Human Kindness…

After 3 Saturdays, 3 skips filled to overflowing and a group of over 20 volunteers giving up more than 60+ hours of their precious time; an elderly man who up to this point was beyond coping had his garden completely transformed providing him with that ray of hope through acts of human kindness.

When Sutton Vineyard Church were contacted by the local MP of Carshalton to ask for help they initiated their Community in Action Team (CAT) in partnership with two local firms; Signature Homes Ltd & Premier Skip Hire who together provided skips, machinery & skilled labourers’ free of charge in aid of the cause.

The elderly man was in desperate need of help with an over grown garden reaching amazing heights with a 40ft high, densely over grown jungle of a garden. The CAT team & Signature Homes Ltd got to work battling through the over growth week by week to slowly reduce this garden back down to ground level. An amazing amount of hard work, blood sweat and tears were selflessly given to help this gentleman regain the use of his garden.

Within the jungle of a garden the CAT team discovered a wide range of items lurking in the undergrowth including; a classic motorbike, 2 sheds, a toaster and a mobile phone.

Sutton Vineyard Church CAT team provide volunteers from their church to help those people in the community who find themselves unable to manage. There will be many more projects coming within the New Year and you can Contact CAT team on 020 8642 4455 if you know of someone in desperate need of help.

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